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Dry Ice Services at Nuccio Auto Group

Dry ice blasting is able to remove nearly all debris without water, chemicals and without removing parts. It is the safest way to clean any type of engine or underbody of a vehicle. Dry Ice Blasting, utilizes 3 principles; Kinetic Energy, Thermal Shock and Rapid Expansion to safely remove dirt and contaminants from the complicated surfaces of exotic and collector cars. An environmentally safe process, the contaminants simply fall to the ground and are swept up to be properly disposed of instead of running down the drain in water based cleaning methods.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

  • Safest way to clean Engines
  • Uses forced air and dry ice
  • Removes all grease/ grime
  • Restores without replacement
  • No removal of parts needed
  • Increases value of vehicle
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